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Ortega tattoo joey Joey Ortega

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Ortega tattoo joey 50+ Matching

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Ortega tattoo joey Joey Ortega

Conspiracyinc Tattoo: Joey Ortega at Conspiracy Inc.

Ortega tattoo joey Joey Ortega

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Texas tattoo traditions: Star of Texas’ convention leaves mark on Austin

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Round 2 on my chest. Joey Ortega, Triple Crown Tattoo, Austin, TX : tattoos

Life & Work with Joey Ortega

When I started learning to tattoo at 19 early 2003 , I almost gave it up before I even began to really tattoo.

  • Torres remembers when he dragged his kids to City Council meetings to get the original plans for, what would become, the Q2 Stadium approved in 2017.

  • My profession, more or less my life, is tattooing.

  • So what I do in my tattoo work is kind of an amalgamation of so many different genres and styles of tattooing.

Joey Ortega Tattoo

But I think if a person really wants to be a good tattooer, it is a lot of commitment.

  • I started being around tattooing when I was 17 via a friend who was apprenticing at a shop.

  • I don't want to give too much away because Jerry Springer and Oprah will try to hunt him down.

  • They will always find ways to make it work and learn from each other along the way.