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Fit fifty and Trainers and

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Fit fifty and Fit After

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Fit fifty and Trainers and

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Fit fifty and FIT AFTER

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Fit fifty and Fit After

Indiana State Games

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The deadlift is versatile, too, meaning you can do it with dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, and even bands! Contrary to popular belief, you can get strong and build your lungs at the same time.

  • Also, how to go about planning your activities to remain fit and healthy for decades to come! Build power training into your workouts twice weekly, using lighter weights for your exercises.

  • No matter if you're a beginner or trying to get fit at home, our exercises are great for all fitness levels; you can do them at home anytime with no equipment needed.

  • After a few seconds, lower your butt back down to the floor.