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i recently went on my highest streak of not fapping, which was like 5 days, keep in mind im an insane addict whos highest streak before this was 2 days, here is what i did, so if an addict like me made a 50% improvement, you too can : NoFap

2 the fapping Fapping :

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2 the fapping the fappening

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NoFap Benefits: Overhyped or Worth the Sacrifice?

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What Is The Fappening? It's A Dirty Moment Captured In Time

2 the fapping What age

Fapping : gifs

Count Back To Five When your mind is constantly thinking about those things then just count back to five using your fingers, it will help your brain cool down, so you can think about what you were about to do.

  • The act of fapping is similar to high-intensity interval training, which is extremely catabolic.

  • If one is abstaining and has a wet dream on the 12th day, maybe that's the duration in which an ejaculation is ideal for him.

  • It has an overall better build quality than the Onyx 2.

90 Days NoFap Challenge

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  • Fapping has many positive benefits, including stress release, better mood, and excellent relaxation.

  • I need to remind myself of my goal.

  • Jerking off is a healthy, normal activity.