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Ghost pepper baby Easy Mini

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Carolina Reaper Pepper

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Ghost pepper baby Ghost Pepper

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Ghost pepper baby Ghost Pepper

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Ghost pepper baby Easy Mini

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Ghost Tequila: Scary Good

It isn't really a resistance though.

  • Naturally, when I saw the ghost peppers for sale at Cub on Broadway, I absolutely had to try my hand cooking with them.

  • For the Mini Halloween Pizzas, I started by cutting 4 ½ to 5-inch circles from 10-inch flour tortillas.

  • Or try adding one or two as well as the seeds.

World's Hottest Pepper: Red Robin Introduces Ghost Pepper Burgers

Remember when I picked up some really cute succulents a couple of weeks ago? It when we do see little nips of Ghost at the packie check out, we can smile and remember those Southie roots! Actual recipes are rather scarce.

  • We've come across this before on NoMi blogs, primarily over on Johnny Northside.

  • I filled each container with the potting mix, not too full, using my index finger I pushed my finger to make a hole and added one seed to each hole.

  • Here goes: How long will this hot sauce keep? Oh, except for the cow.