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The most optimal way of storing cash in the bank is possibly to place six 100M Investments in, then one 10M Investment.

  • Level 58 klo gak salah.

  • Changed how rogue encounters work Encounter rate is now dependent on higher total cargo value rather than its weight.

  • Appearing condition If fame is over 10,000, she can appear as an opponent in the arena.

Yacatect's bank

Gene Engineering is one of the fastest skills to level, you get a level almost every time you use it early on if you're at 100% potential or higher.

  • Looks like I have finally met you, {alias}.

  • The exact restrictions are unknown, but it appears to prevent training utility spells as well, e.

  • Stamina penalty is now applied when wearing heavy armor Why? They were imported for use in overhaul.