The Gastronomy Highlights in Belo Horizonte

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Minas Gerais Cooking


Partners Frederico Trindade and Felipe Ramehjá have proven to be masters in the art of using new mixtures in the traditional cuisine of Minas Gerais. Although slim, the menu leaves nothing to be desired. Try the delicious dishes, preferably in the veranda. The place is so cozy that you feel like spending the whole day there. Rua Alvarenga Peixoto, 388, Lourdes, ☎ 31-2512-4479.


This place has a farm-like atmosphere - with a green area where the children can play and have fun with the animals. This is only one of the good points about this restaurant which was opened in 1987 in Pampulha, close to the Mineirão stadium. The menu draws attention as it only offers cuisine from Minas Gerais. Try the carré pork with molasses or chicken jeca before choosing from more than 30 varieties of home-made desserts. Rua Mandacaru, 260, Braúnas, ☎ 31-3496-6198.Near the Stadium

Besides the famous Xapuri, the Pampulha region has other great bars and restaurants. To enjoy the view of the lake, try the Juscelino Deck Beer (Av. Otacílio Negrão de Lima, 2733, ☎ 31-3441-1306) or the Rutger Motors Music Bar (Av. Otacílio Negrão de Lima, 5111, ☎ 31-3646-1221). Really keen football fans can have a good time at the Fanáticos Esporte Bar (Av. Guarapari, 99, Santa Amélia, ☎ 31-3318-3009).

Champion Beer

Brothers José Felipe Carneiro and Tiago Carneiro gave up looking after their father´s chain of snack bars in 2007 to open Wäls brewery. The business was so successful that it has now become another tourist point in the city. Visitors can take a guided tour of the brewery (Rua Padre Leopoldo Mertens, 1460, São Francisco, Pampulha, ☎ 31-3443-2811. Entry: R$ 5.00) on Saturdays only. They can sample some beers and learn about the stages of production. Bottles can also be taken home, including Wäls Dubbel and Wäls Quadruppel which came first and second in the World Beer Cup competition.

The House Style Get to know three recipes from Minas Gerais and the best places to try them Pão de queijo

It´s difficult to find anybody who can resist the hot cheese bread, known as pão de queijo, just out of the oven. It is not by chance that this special bite from Minas Gerais, made with polvilho flour, oil, eggs, salt and cheese products, is found in most of the city´s snack bars. It´s worth trying all the versions.

Pãodequeijeria. Rua Pium-í, 354, Cruzeiro, ☎ 31-2510-0534.

A Pão de Queijaria. Rua Antônio de Albuquerque, 856, Savassi, ☎ 31-3244-2738.

Verdemar. Av. Nossa Senhora do Carmo, 1900, Sion, ☎ 31-2105-0101.


Three of the five best cachaças in Brazil, chosen by the famous Cachaça Summit (Cúpula da Cachaça), come from Minas Gerais: Vale Verde, Boazinha and Anísio Santiago (Havana). Minas Gerais has a great reputation as a producer which makes the city´s bars and restaurants excellent places for cachaça.

Clube Mineiro da Cachaça. Rua Mármore, 373, Santa Tereza, ☎ 31-2515-7149.

Via Cristina. Rua Cristina, 1203, Santo Antônio, ☎ 31-3296-8343.

Xico da Kafua. Av. Itaú, 1195, João Pinheiro, ☎ 31-3375-2640.


Although this dish was introduced by the adventurers from São Paulo state, known as Bandeirantes, it has become one of the main - and most delicious - examples of Minas Gerais cuisine. It consists of a bowl of beans mixed with manioc flour, crackling, sausage, eggs, garlic, onion and seasoning and goes really well with a beer or a caipirinha.

Bar do Antônio (Pé de Cana). Rua Flórida, 15, Sion, ☎ 31-3221-2099 (Wednesday and Sunday).

Dona Lucinha. Rua Padre Odorico, 38, São Pedro, ☎ 31-3227-0562.

Silvio's Bar. Rua Begônia, 199, Esplanada, ☎ 31-3482-3001.

Bars to Celebrate the Victory

Itatiaia Rádio Bar. If the idea is to continue celebrating in football style, it is worth doing so in this bar that was opened less than three months ago especially for the World Cup. It has big television screens and presents broadcasts from a well-known radio station that gave the bar its name. Rua Pium-í, 620, Anchieta, ☎ 31-2551-4844.

Jângal. The motto here is lucky in the game and lucky in love. As well as being very trendy, this is a good place to meet members of the opposite sex. Try the refreshing drinks served in heart of palm jars. Rua Outono, 523, Cruzeiro, ☎ 31-3653-8947.

Birosca S2. This bar has a trendy retro look and is a popular place for those who want to enjoy themselves without overdoing things. Rua Silvianópolis, 483, Santa Tereza, ☎ 31-2551-8310.