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'Bachelorette': Hannah Brown Poses Nude in Pool Photo

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Naked Photo Shoot on 'The Bachelor' Was Possibly Misleading, Definitely Exploitative

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Nude the bachelor Naked Photo

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  • Regardless, the fact that two women already have gone topless as early on as episode two begs the question: When did nudity become the norm? He clearly had no intention of hanging out there for any period of time and went in for the kiss — which Abigail very much returned.

  • They compete against other women for Richies together or at least they did that one time.

  • And look at this photo again because wow.

11 Most Naked Moments in Bachelor History

The pictures on the tees are raunchy, shirtless shots of the two men.

  • Here's Juan Pablo's pic to prove it: So out of three of the censorship scenes in last night's show, two were unnecessary, and one could have simply been cut.

  • Worst Reveal: Latvia Latvia looked nice! So how can this info inform the way we watch this upcoming season? We'll give them a buzz and see if we can find out.

  • In 2019, Keira confirmed she'd split from Jarrod just months after they had rekindled their relationship following a split the year prior.