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The tall wooden fence between our yards provides her some privacy.

  • After the massage, I changed back into my clothes and walked out a really happy customer.

  • My masseur gave me his card as I was leaving, and till today, I keep it safe in my wallet.

  • While a gentle soap will do the trick, you can be extra and purchase a bum exfoliator to clean and buff your booty hole.

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I had Freddie take before and after images and I used a mirror between my legs to check on the recovery.

  • In the meantime, take some Metamucil before bed, and drink plenty of water, so bowel movements are as smooth as possible, and take a sitz bath three to four times a day to keep the area clean.

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  • I haven't heard a parent suggest that allowing teens this knowledge and avenue, if they've got thirty-odd bucks might continue to help reduce teen pregnancy or give our girls more agency and knowledge of their body.